All Shook Up

When I was twenty one-ish I worked in a salon doing nails. This was not my first job doing nails but it was my favorite. I had a pretty full book at Arriba Salon and Day Spa and I loved the ladies I worked with. Every single one. I am not kidding.

The client who gave me my gift certificate for four yoga classes – just to get me to try it – with Sudevi Linda Kramer was a client at Arriba. You can see how that worked out for me (Hi Sudevi!) and if you’re not sure how that worked out why don’t you come take one of my yoga classes and find out.

I got my hair license while I was working at Arriba. Some of the girls came to my graduation hair show where I tortured some of my favorite people by doing their hair and making them walk on stage. I tried my first foils for money at Arriba. I ruined my sister’s hair at Arriba about eleven and a half years ago.

I also quit working at Arriba. I had a plan, you see. I had this boyfriend and it was all serious and I was going to move in with him and play house and be a big girl. I was going to do hair in a big box salon and get experience.

I never regretted leaving that man, but Arriba came to mind often over the years. I see some of those former co-workers often, one even comes to my yoga class sometimes. I am not so much of a hairdresser now as I am someone who does hair. I never got the business side of it but I like the relationships I have from it. I have gotten to know fellow yoga teachers better by doing their hair.

So what am I trying to say, exactly?

The salon where I work is closing at the end of the month. I think the owner will benefit from this decision but I was in a pickle. No, my clients and I were both in a pickle.

I call the sister whose hair I ruined eleven and a half years ago and tell her what I just learned – the salon where I work is closing.

“So you can go back to Arriba?” She says. It makes sense, the way she says it. Like she’d been waiting to say it.

After a couple of emails with one of the Divas, I’m happy to say I’m going back to Arriba.

It also makes me happy to say that I’m on Stay-cation this week. I planned to go see my Teacher in Atlanta. I had subs for my classes and gas in the car, but I decided today that I just want to be home for a few days. Maybe it’s all been too much, from the hectic holidays to the post New Year’s malaise when the trees are down and it’s just cold, but I felt homesick before I even left.

Maybe my life has just been like a snow globe that someone shook up real good and I just want things to settle back down and I need to take time to be able to do that. After all, when I return from Stay-cation I will be moving from one salon to another, maybe returning to where I was meant to end up all along.

Sometimes, where we are meant to be takes us down a circuitous path. Tonight I thought about everything I’ve done and the life I’ve had since I left Arriba. I was so young and I thought I had a plan. Today I’m only sure that I don’t know much at all and that the last thing I ought to do is tempt the Universe by trying to come up with a plan on my own. I know I’ll land where I’m supposed to, it’ll usually be a surprise and lots of Grace is involved.

I believe that’s how I ended up with Swami Jaya Devi, my Teacher. I believe that’s how I ended up working at Uru Yoga and Beyond. That’s how I got trained at Dragonfly Yoga during the largest teacher training group they’ve ever had before or since. I didn’t plan on any of these things happening in my life, but I’m so so grateful.

Also, all this (trying) to go with the flow is exhausting. So, for the next two days I’ll be home, resting and practicing yoga with the cats.

Monday, enjoy Amber’s instruction at Uru Yoga and Beyond at 4:30 pm and 6 pm. She teaches all levels with lots of patience and skill and you’ll really like her.

3:30 pm on Tuesday at Chip’s 24 Hour Fitness Center try the stylings of Caroline, who will work you out with such finesse your muscles will be trembling and you’ll be smiling at the same time. She is fantastic.

I’ll be back on deck Thursday at 4pm for Intro to Flow and 5:30 pm open level practice at Uru Yoga and Beyond and at Chip’s on Friday at 3:30. This weekend is a big one at Uru Yoga and Beyond with visiting instructor Michelle Baker. Check the website for more workshop details and class descriptions. Until then, you can find me here…


Featured Cat Yogi: Witch Hazel McCackle practicing one of the most challenging principles of yoga – contentment. Looks like she’s doing a great job,

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