Root to Rise


Since I was licensed to do hair in the state of Florida fourteen years ago I have not spent a great deal of time working in salons. I have become pretty good at rinsing someone’s color out in the sink with the hose. I learned the hard way that perms aren’t meant to be done in the time span it takes to cook a frozen pizza and I know for certain one should never ever trim bangs while the hair is wet, unless that person wishes to look like they belong in kindergarten.

Whether I’m working in a salon or not people think I’m a professional or something, so they ask me questions and usually don’t take my advice. Also people tell me how to do my own hair while I’m busy growing it out to look like a wild Himalayan sadhu. I believe that’s my ultimate calling – though I’m not entirely sure what that might entail. Sometimes someone will have a great idea for a hairdo, which I might be persuaded to do for them and it turns out really great. When the person hits on the hairdo of their dreams, I can tell you nine times out of ten it’s the same hairdo they had in the happiest time of their life.

I quit coloring my hair approximately twenty years after I began coloring it. I have grown my hair out so it lands between my shoulder blades. Aside from the bangs I have the exact same hairdo I had in kindergarten.

Yesterday my mom was watching a special on the Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding case from twenty years ago. They interviewed Connie Chung who interviewed Tanya Harding twenty years ago and, I am not kidding, Connie Chung’s hair never changed. Google Farrah Fawcett or Dolly Pardon – an icon with a long history in photographs for comparison – and you’ll find there ain’t too much variance. It’s kind of comforting. If Dolly is still wearing those wigs then maybe we’re all gonna be okay.

We all have a way we see ourselves. I want to see myself as a wild Himalayan sadhu and so aside from righteous dread locks, I’m going with that look. It just so happens wild Himalayan sadhus look suspiciously like precocious kindergartners (though I hated school even then, I really liked that age; six was a good year).

How we see ourselves is a powerful thing, driving life choices, holding us back or propelling us forward. Combine this with the element of history, how we were, how things were, the way things used to be, we get caught up in recapturing moments that are, if anything, mists loitering in time.

No posture is ever the same, balance is never the same day to day, back bends and arm balances fluctuate like the tide- sometimes they’re up and sometimes they’re down. No hairstyle or wallpaper like grandma used to have can bring us back into the moment of happiness we remember for that time. We are here in the present to be happy, not to recreate it.

This week in class as we gather in the spacious Uru Yoga and Beyond let’s bring to mind our reason for practicing that day, in that moment and also bring awareness to the heart of the practice – to remember who we really are without the back pain and heart ache and thoughts and feelings from long ago that still effect us. It’ll take years and years to uncover even a little terrain but it’s such a glorious process, it’s infectious and others will want to participate and grow with us.

The more things change the more they stay the same. The more advanced practice becomes the more we should lean on the basics. The smarter we think we are the more careful we should be with the heart, which is where the essence of Yoga resides. As we grow, let’s return again and again to our roots and see what we uncover.

Monday Uru Yoga and Beyond 4:30 pm and 6 pm

Tuesday and Friday 3:30 pm Chips 24 Hour Fitness in Gulf Breeze

Thursday Uru Yoga and Beyond 4 pm Intro to Yoga Flow and 5:30 pm mixed level


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