I’m not good with Time. Ten minutes feels like five hours or an entire week lasts about as long as an episode of Frasier. I don’t understand it.

I keep up with things in relation to other things. When my nephew Thomas was born in August 2011 I was in yoga teacher training. I would begin teaching classes that October and would graduate the following January.

This is what me and Thomas looked like three and a half years ago.


Thomas is born plus various 107

Just before his arrival I met Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati at Dragonfly Yoga, where I did my yoga teacher training. I was captured by her teaching and love and swore to go to Kashi Atlanta to see her that year. I did not visit that year.

The following year when she returned to teach at Dragonfly I went to see her again and was struck more severely that she is my Teacher. I did, in fact, go see her that year. I went a couple of times, actually, me and Delaine. We had a great time.

More than seeing my Teacher, I wanted to study with her. There felt like a difference between visiting, practicing and studying. Studying doesn’t even begin to touch the passion I developed for the lineage of yoga I would learn at Kashi Atlanta, but I study and drink deeply when I go to Atlanta.

This August will be two  years since I became a 500 hour yoga teacher trainee at Kashi Atlanta with Swami Jaya Devi. It’s additional training and study in all aspects of yoga, but more than anything it’s more time with her. It’s amazing to me that it’s been so short a time and that that much time has gone by. Time is weird.

Kali Natha Yoga, the style of yoga I’m learning, feels exotic and capable of thoroughly stirring the energies of the Universe within the human with the finesse of a cosmic Nutri-Ninja Blender. Kali Natha Yoga also has an uncanny ability to bring to the yogi a great peace and calm, like the in-breath draws the quiet from the Earth and outer space to its beck and call.

Though I’m in training to be an instructor, I’ve only taught a Kali Natha class one time. I instructed the class for the Uru Yoga teacher trainees. It was an opportunity to introduce them to me a little bit more, since I would be mentoring some of them, as well as to practice teaching this style of yoga to a group. It was magical.

Tonight I was practicing my Kali Natha yoga homework sequence and this soft clear tendril of a thought insinuated itself in my mind; I should teach this at Uru this week. A really big wave of exhilaration followed this thread.

Then doubt arose, of course.

Then exhilaration again!

Then I began thinking. I began thinking about when my nephewThomas was born. I was at the hospital all night in my yoga clothes because I’d been practicing somewhere, probably Abhaya Yoga Center, the owner of which gave me my first chance to teach yoga in Pensacola (Hi Nancy!).

I’m thinking about Thomas and how my yoga teaching path is as old as he is. I thought about how when he’s twenty I will have been teaching yoga for twenty years. When he has kids and he’s forty I will have been teaching yoga for that many years. When he graduates college I will have known the Teacher of my heart for that many years (though really over countless years and in many many lifetimes I’m sure).

Thomas is such a sweet baby, but he’s becoming a big boy. Tonight I saw pictures that made my stomach drop. He’s driving some four wheeler (sized for the little ones) like he’s been off-roading for a hundred years. He’s riding around like a big man.

There was a great collision of heart and soul and Time during my practice tonight. This sometimes happens when practicing Kali Natha Yoga. I read the thrill in my heart at the thought and decided tomorrow the 6 pm Divine Balance and Flow class, aptly named, will be a Kali Natha class. The teacher trainees I’m mentoring are going to be so stoked.

It’s an honor just to learn this yoga and to learn from the Teacher of my heart. The idea of instructing it myself makes me feel a little queasy, which in my experience typically indicates growth, inspiration and the presence of God. But I did ask to grow and I did ask to be inspired and to always be aware of God’s presence. So here we go.

Speaking of growing, check out me and Thomas at my most recent birthday. He’s three and I’m thirty-five. Yeah, those are cat ears I’m wearing and he’s got a pumpkin on his shirt. Growing doesn’t mean we have to grow up.

me and Thomas


So the folks in my other open level classes don’t feel left out we’ll practice a shorter though no less sparkling Kali Natha sequence as a warm-up this week. Lucky Ducks all.

My Uru Yoga and Beyond schedule — Monday 4:30 All levels Steady Pulse and Flow       6 pm Divine Balance and Flow featuring Kali Natha Yoga                                        Thursday 4 pm Intro to Flow and 5:30 pm All levels Steady Pulse and Flow

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