2 Weeks Notice

At the crack of dawn, somewhere around noon thirty, I got out of bed and put on a pair of tie dyed pants. You know, normal stuff; brew the coffee, clean the cat litter, brush the teeth, lint brush the butt.

Thirty seconds after getting to the yoga studio I tear a chunk out of my index finger in the most unlikely of ways – by opening my car door. Combined with the fact that I got out of bed on a rainy day one who knows me might be inclined to see this day going down hill quickly.

Alas, no. The day is elevated, really. Majestic, even. It is beautiful, which doesn’t even begin to describe the sweetness of thirteen teacher trainees chanting sacred sounds in a circle. The day is wild, too, given it is the final teacher training weekend at Uru before graduation.

Yes, you read it here first, folks. In two weeks thirteen ladies will jump over the last hurdle and ride that miniature horse all the way to the finish line. For some, that horse will even have on a unicorn horn.

You are all invited to the festivities, you know. The teacher trainees will teach a class at 5:30 pm on May 2nd, 2015. Each one of them will instruct yoga for seven or so minutes, the last bit of teaching they’ll ever do as teachers in training. From  the moment that last class Oms out they’ll be too legit to quit.

Let me tell you something, this next two weeks coming up is as delicate as the weeks between a lunar and solar eclipse. These next two weeks are as important and mysterious as the gestational cycle of pygmy sea horses off the coast of Jupiter’s great lakes. These are the last two weeks of teacher training, 2015.

From now until that magical hour that heralds the infinite urge to share, learn and practice made manifest, these teacher trainees will be stepping up their game in their mentor classes. Yup, they’re teaching for all they’re worth, giving arm balances a go and building themes with the sincerity of someone writing Harry Potter fan fiction.

Two weeks, then we party. Then we’re all taking the summer off. Why the hell not? We’ll have a sudden influx of subs at the studio!

I kid, I kid. But not about what an exciting and delicate time this is in the lives of people who have invested nine months of their lives in something that doesn’t really conclude but rather adapts to their current stage of development. The reward for completing teacher training, once you pass the test and realize how much you actually learned (this was a revelation for me when I graduated from Dragonfly) you just as quickly realize how much you don’t know (also, a revelation shortly after receiving my certificate, crying like a baby and sleeping for the better part of the next day).

What I do know is that these yoga practices work, no one walks on this path alone and that getting to work with teachers in training might be the coolest job on the planet.

4 thoughts on “2 Weeks Notice

  1. Again, such a way with words! I hope your poor finger is OK! did you have to go to the ER? I will see you this afternoon. ❤

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