Light for Nepal

On Friday June 26th from 6 – 9 pm Uru Yoga and Beyond is hosting a candlelight meditation, silent auction and raffle to raise money for victims of the Earthquake in Nepal.

The woman putting all of this together sent out an all points bulletin for local artists to donate something to the silent auction. I think, I sure wish I had something to donate. Then, slowly I look up, as though to watch a majestic bird in flight and see about a dozen malas in various states of completion hanging from thumb tacks. It’s an artful exhibition.

I don’t know if you do this, but when I have a fantastic idea right from the heart my mind steps in with an immediacy that would make Bat Man look like a slow poke. But I’d already thought it and there was about thirty seconds between that idea and my mind insinuating itself in my fun (this is one of the advantages of yoga practice – the mind has a slower reaction time to ruin good ideas).

I chose to donate a white quartz on white hemp. It has a blue tassel. It reminds me of Cinderella, an icy cave in which Lord Shiva meditates and my great-grandmother. It’s one of the first malas I made and it’s one of my favorites.

Strange how even though I made something specifically to sell, I have a hard time turning it out into the world. I wonder who’ll want it, who might buy it and where in the world this little string of quartz will go.

I took it to the yoga studio today. I filled out the artist form and I left that pretty mala in a cardboard box. I wrapped it lovingly in a blue tissue, slightly darker than its icy tassel.

Before I took the mala to the yoga studio I let it “rest” on a chunk on selenite. Selenite is named after its association with the moon, Selene, and is a powerful stone for cleansing energy and neutralizing spaces. I figured since I become a little attached to my projects it’s best to clear them on this beautiful salt based stone.

While this mala was resting I took a picture of it, mostly because my sister suggested I make a file of malas I made and sold, but also because I’m sentimental.

White Quartz mala

$10 door entrance fee – you receive a candle for the meditation and one raffle ticket. The raffle is for a gorgeous mala made of pearls, sandalwood, & Nepalese beads.

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