About The Electric Mala

A Mala is a strand of prayer beads, sometimes made of precious stones like amethyst or rose quartz.  Sometimes, a Mala is made of sacred beads like the Rudraksha, which is sacred to Lord Shiva, or Tulsi seeds which are sacred to Lord Krishna.

Prayer beads do not belong to one culture or spiritual tradition. They span continents and time.  They are a symbol of Devotion.  They are a reminder to return to the Holy Name, to remember the Guru and to come home to the moment.  They are circles of protection for the wearer and solace for those who spin the ancient rosary across the hand.

There is a current of sacred energy that binds us.  Call it Shakti, Consciousness, the Holy Spirit or Prana, we carry the current of the Divine and it is Electric.  It is this electricity that connects us. Welcome to the Electric Mala.

Like many beads strung on one sacred thread, the current goes through each one of us. The Electric Mala is dedicated to this connection.

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